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Issues with Date slider not sliding to recent date

I'm using a slider for Dates like in this picture.

I have a datasource with values for a lot of elements and the slicer is used to filter the dates to analyze. The problem is when  I publish the report (and configure the gateway in order to be refreshed every day) the last day of the slicer doesn't update to the last day in the database.


For example, Today I have values in the database and the last day in the database is 15th of January and slicer is set to 15th of January.

I publish the report and  set a schedule refresh. The problem will be tomorrow when the report will be refreshed that the last day in the dataset will change to maybe 16th of january and the slicer will be the same 15th of january instead of the  16th of january .
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Hi @igoalZero 

If you refresh the date in Desktop , the date is same as the date in data source , right ? Did you set date filters in Service ?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

New Member

Please note : I am using Odata as the datasource


Community Support
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Hi @igoalZero 

If you refresh the date in Desktop , the date is same as the date in data source , right ? Did you set date filters in Service ?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Advocate III

The same thing is happenign with all of my dashboards, which are using a dynamic date table that is related to a date column in the data set(s). Also in one report I'm using the date from the source data, which updates every day (Hospital data), but alas my date slider still only has the date slider still set as the date when it was last uploaded by me.

The underlying data refreshes in the dashboard, but I have to drage the slider to the far right - then I see my graphs/tables update with the latest day worth of data.... 

This is very frustrating as I've been working the same way for 3 years, my dashboards work fine on the old 'on-prem' version of Power BI.


But, when I update the data using our Denondo connector to our Enterprise space in  making sure field names and column formatting is all fine, everything looks the same, filters the same etc.. however the date slider fails to update to the new date each day...


Im using March 2023 desktop software and we have enterprize licencing to connect to Azure via Denodo. 🙂


Why is the date not refreshing do we think?

(there are no date filters at page level - nor applied to the slider...)

Advocate III

So here is an example below - you can see it was updated by the system today using the Azure data for it, you may notice a little space to the right of the slider...


Here is how it looks now I've expanded the date - this is a major issue btw!


You will notice the end date is yesterday - this is the latest date in the table I pull from, it updates hourly... in my dev area the dashboard functions exactly the same way - but with a daily update only... still the slider issue remains!



New Member

Hi all,


I'm late to the party, but has anyone found a solution for this issue?


I have a date slider that is from a DAX calendar table (connected to the data) that used to update to the most recent date and no longer does so - and nothing has touched the filters or the dates otherwise to cause this. The new data is there when it updates every week, as is the new date, but I have to go in and move the slider to the far right manually now to display them, when it used to do so automatically when the data refreshed. Would greatly appreciate any tips to get it working again!

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We're having the same problem.  Date sliders don't appear to have a cleared state, therefore when the data updates, the slides continues to filter the data using old dates.  This is a MAJOR which effectively prevents us from using date sliders because it would force the users to "drag to the right" every time they open the dashboard in order to see recent data.  This seems like an obvious thing!  Are there any solutions being worked on?

New Member

Try using "after" slicer style: