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Issue with Field Formatting in Tables

Regarding field formatting in tables, some tables (similar/identical to those described hereafter) only show the “revert to default” button for field formatting; other tables show many options for field formatting within tables and matrices. For now, because it is rather bizarre, I am approaching this as a software update issue and trying to get my org to enable more access for me to update my desktop version of Power BI. But if you have some guidance, please share. Thanks.

Status: New
Community Support

@cbmiller ,


So this issue happens on power bi service, right? Are the data in these table visuals from the same data source? If so, could you please clarify more details about the data source you are using or other operations you have done?



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Good question. It happens on both the Desktop version and the Power BI service. The data in these visuals (I duplicated them so as to ensure a consistent style and then altered one or two filters in each) are from the same source: an ODBC connection to a popular ERP system.