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Invalid credentials when editing a dataflow in the PBI service, refreshing still works

Earlier this week I needed to make some changes in a dataflow which connect through the Web connector to the REST API of ServiceNow (returns in JSON format). Unfortunately I’m still unable to make the needed changes. In the editing mode in the PBI service I’m getting the following error:



All the credentials are stored in a on-premisis Gateway. Weirdly the dataflow still refreshes successful manually, scheduled and through a process in Power Automate. I removed and readded the credentials in the gateway and the same problem still occurred. Connecting in PBI Desktop using the same credentials that are stored in the Gateway works as well. Editing dataflows connected to other data sources does not give me this problem.



Status: Delivered

Hi @bjorn99_ 

I am so glad to hear that everything is working again . I will change the status to "Delivered" .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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Hello, I have solved the problem as follows:
1. I had several file type connections, I have disabled them from loading.
2. I created a folder type connection in the gateway.
3. I used this connection in the dataflow, and the problem was solved.
4. it seems that now you can only use one data source from the gateway in the same dataflow. being of file type, if they are in the same folder, it gives credentials error, at least that is my opinion.

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This one refers to a bug (317350811) logged by Msft:


Suspect there's similar issues all related. Let's hope the Microsoft guys are connecting the dots on these and can fix it soon.