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Information is needed in order to combine data

Hi all,

I encountered this issue today, my report has been working normally for almost one year and suddenly it cannet be refreshed on BI services, but it can be refreshed on BI desktop, I tried all the methods mentioned in other articles but still cannot solve this issue, my data are some excel files stored on sharepoint folder online, the error message as below:


Processing error: Information is needed in order to combine data
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 52b6e1be-effb-40c3-8961-ac546cd2e64c
Request ID: 12c9df6c-047c-9c2c-6fb2-ca1d739282e1
Time: 2021-07-27 09:48:37Z

Status: Delivered
Frequent Visitor

We have several users reporting the same problem... Reports that have been working for months suddenly stopped refreshing...

Frequent Visitor

I reported it yesterday as support ticket to Microsoft. Today the refesh is working again as expected.

Regular Visitor

I reported it yesterday as support ticket to Microsoft. Today the refesh is working again as expected.

Advocate II

Same Issue here since Monday, 3 excel sheets all in sharepoint online. Working for months. Now flags up as issue combining data. Looked inside the transform data and its Merging the data. Privacy all the same across the files 'Organizational'. Even tried to ignore privacy option but still fails

Advocate I

Hi all,

The issue has been fixed, my reports are now refreshing normally.


Advocate II

I have checked and it looks like 60% of my issues are resolved when its sharepoint document merging a sharepoint document. But it still shows the same error if its a dataflow merging with data a sharepoint Document. I got round it by making both dataflows or both Sharepoint folder docs. But I have quite a few to resolve and we never had an issue with combining two cloud based data sources before. 

New Member

I am also facing the same issue from last week, anyone able to solve this??

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered
Helper II

Hi guys,

I have still the same issue. I see some peoples' issue solved without doing anything.

Why we still have this issue? Support team, could you please give us some information?

Frequent Visitor

Hi @Mohammadwazeri & @SandeshN 
My suggetion would be try the everything here and if it's still not working create a support ticket and write what you have already tried.