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Hierarchies are not visible when using analyzing excel

We have used analyzing excel a lot and it have worked fine. But yesterday suddenly all the hierarchies have disappered. The fields are still visible but premaded hierarchies are not. I can still see those hierarchies in Power BI desktop and also in Power BI service, only place where I can't find those is excel. Do we have some changes, or what was happened?

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by chance, are you using both direct query and import modes on your model? we encountered this same issue with missing hierarchies (only in analyze in excel) when we added a direct query table to our existing data set (which were all set to Import Mode).

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@DR You were right, there was a new direct query in the dataset. In my opinion, this is a bug but do we have any workaround?

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@VilleQvist Not sure if it is a bug. I haven't asked the question. I would submit a support ticket with Microsoft to get their feedback on it. 

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Hello, @drum1010 ! Can you plase share a link to submitted ticket? Did you solve this issue somehow?

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@Anonymous i did not submit a ticket- this is working by design from Microsoft. As of now, there is no workaround for displaying hierarchies in excel if both direct query and import modes are being used in a data model. Either switch all to direct query or switch all to Import to get the hierarchies back in excel.