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Hidden reports in app doesn't work

After yesterdays update to Power BI Service app publishing I've had to rebuild my entire navigation menu. That is OK, but all dashboards that are based on hidden reports now doesn't work.


Workaround is unhiding the underlying reports, but I don't want the reports in the navigation panel, it just get messy. Please fix so drilling down from dashboards to a hidden report work again.

Status: Investigating

Hi @Gauteweb 

I created a dashboard based on my report , then hide my report in app ,but I can see the dashboard in app normally . Maybe you can clear your broswer cache and update again .

Recording 2022-09-02 at 13.57.35.gif

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Regular Visitor

I also have this issue, previously the dashboard tile can navigated to hidden report sucessfully, but from this month it cannot work.

It's not good for showing all reports to our users, we need hide some reports in the APP.

I don't know whether PowerBI Team already know this issue or not. We need it come to normal.

Frequent Visitor

This has been raised elsewhere and Microsoft arent acknowledging this as being an issue as they see this as being a security "feature" to not expose hidden reports unintentionally. Never mind that thats what row level security and workspace level access is for..


The workaround for hidden reports is to have an empty page for any hidden reports that you may want to have. Call this appendix or something that end users know wont contain any useful reports and hide every other page on the report. Not ideal but the only workaround ive found so far  

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Any fix for this or anyone found any work around that actually works. Unpublishing, adding & hiding doesn't work for us!!