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Gauge Size shifts when different options are selected with Slicer



Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


I currently have 6 different gauges (Standard Power BI gauge) next to each other on my dashboard, each displaying a different financial salient (sales, profit, etc.).  Every gauge is formatted exactly the same, and feature the same dimensions in the "General" section of the formatting tool. When I change what is selected with the slicer to a different portion of the business, all of the gauges change size; some get larger, some get smaller, some shift left/right.  It is important to note that the actual dimensions in the "General" section of the formatting tool do not change, only the Gauge within the box those dimensions create.


All of the number labels on these Gauges are between 2 and 4 digits, and the problem seems to still exist regardless of how many digits are being displayed.  


I notice that if I remove the Target Value from the gauge then this issue disappears, however this is important information that needs to be included in the Gauge. 


Has anyone experienced this issue before? The size of the gauges has to remain consistent otherwise the dashboard looks extremely sloppy in a professional environment. 


Thank you to anyone who takes the time to address my issue!



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Hi @hymieho!


I know that's been a lot since your comment, but could you please tell me how did you built these "Tachometer" visuals?


I don't see any native tachometer visuals and the custom from Annik seems far from what I'm seeing in your screenshot.

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I found a solution to this problem that works for me (at least more than anything else I've tried).
I created a column in the data called "gauge format" which is just the target * 3. The added this field at the Max gauge axis. This way the target label sits one third into the gauge for all graphs, which keeps them all at the same size. I orginally tried target * 2 but we have some sales people that occassionally get more than double their target so *3 worked best for me. 


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I have the same problem! I'm not able to have the same size for each of my gauges.

I have 14 gauges and each one has a different size.

In each gauge I have different maximum, minumum and target. 

Could you help me please?