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Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service



As per this community discussion, a change to the borders around titles in some visualisations has caused multiple problems across the Service and Mobile versions. This does not occur on Power BI desktop.



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I am in the US (US West 2 region). The original issue we had (extra padding in titles) is now resolved.

However, we embed a Power BI report into a web app, and currently there is a difference in how button shapes are rendered in the Service (correct, with rounded edges as intended) vs in the Embedded web page (incorrect - with square edges, even thoigh it is the same report). 

This might be an issue that is specific to the Embedded service (different from the original issue as reported).  

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For us using a button text which should be left aligned is now centered. This was working on Friday while the card visuals were broken (which is fixed now today).





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on my display still having problem, last week the dropdown position didn't match but now it's fixed, but now my display text size doesn't match the desktop display.


Desktop : 



Browser :



I hope this issue can be resolved soon.


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Button text is still incorrect. There are additional margin properties in the service causing the text to drop to the bottom of the button making them almost unreadable. The buttons were correct on Friday but showing incorrectly again. Icons also have additional padding! Please fix. 

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Hi there,


Do we have any news regarding the MS defective update over the weekend?

Like all of us, all of my reporting packs and the ones of my colleagues, consulted (inter)nationally, are impacted. We've spent months to get estheatical and interactive reports but now, after MS' update, every single button looks ugly, disproportionate (icons, images, wrong padding etc...) and some of them are simply unusable. Also I have now properties on the cloud that do not appear in the same way on the Desktop version and even if everything looks fortunately fine on both platforms while modelling, when a report get published the result is just terrible and it's almost impossible to correct:




Power BI service:


Edit: Issues has been resolved for me too - Many thanks for the fix!
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@aacs still waiting

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For my last response on alignment, I see that it's related to a new button update. I'm going to start a new thread for it.

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Issues has been resolved for me (Netherlands).

Thanks a lot!

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered
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Problem solved in Portugal.
Inadmissible resolution time (weeks) for a problem of this magnitude, please improve.

Thank you.