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Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service



As per this community discussion, a change to the borders around titles in some visualisations has caused multiple problems across the Service and Mobile versions. This does not occur on Power BI desktop.



Status: Delivered
Advocate V

This also affects buttons, shapes, cards etc. and is a major issue affecting all reports / apps. Beyond looking strange, this causes many visuals to become unreadable or to generate unwanted scroll bars which are not visible in Desktop

Frequent Visitor

Same... between this and the V93 issue I'm surprised slicers work at all...

Not applicable

Same problems. 


In the Cloud:



On the Desktop:



Advocate I

we got this issue today and simply messed up 50+ BI report, MS please revert whatever you did back, the change just broke all our reports. 



Regular Visitor

This update has changed the buttons in all our production dashboards (30+ dashboards), making the button text unreadable. The new properties are not visible in the desktop version. Please reverse the update or at least change it so that current properties still show correctly.

Advocate I

it actually changed the title property in all visualizations not only buttons. We have tons of reports all broken now because of this. this is unbelivable.

Advocate II

Same issue here!

Not applicable

Please rollback the change around the update to the Titles. This is impacting all of our reports, and causing confusion across our organization. 

Regular Visitor

Over 25 reports that we developed are all messed up. Microsoft, please change back whatever you've done. All our reports are open for use by 13,000 users and some are accessible to all VPs, SVPs, CEO, CTO, Geo Heads, etc. My team is receiving complaints from so many people and we can't simply update all of those reports. It's so surprising that such change was done without realizing the impact. Please revert to the earlier state. It's causing a lot of panic in my organization.

Regular Visitor

This default feature has really changed the interface of all existing reports and ruined the existence of all current reports. Microsoft is really a big Giant and R&D team should thnk of the impact before making any change in production environment. @microsoft