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Font size not consistent across visuals

BUG: Text box font size is not the same as other Font sizes. For example, the below represents two visual elements overlaid. In red is a Multi-Row card with one field. The Card Title format option has a text size set at 20, and a font family of "Segoe UI Light". In black is a text box (with the same word for easy comparison), and that is also text size of 20 and font family of "Segoe UI Light". Same specifications, different sizes.




I want the two elements to be of the same size, but I don't want to have to GUESS or EXPERIMENT with font sizes to see what makes them the same. Same font family and same size should render the same on the screen.

Status: Accepted
Community Support

Hi @ToddChitt,


The same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 78118031. See:


"This is a known issue, some visuals are still using pt and some are using px sizing, we have a work item to track this issue but it has not been funded yet. It should be fixed next semester."


I will contact PG team if there is any update of this issue. Will keep you update once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted
Community Support

Hi @ToddChitt,


I got infomation that it is not in the short term plan, PG team are still tracking it with medium priority.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hello @v-qiuyu-msft , checking in on this issue. 


I am trying to follow a reporting format but size 14 on a visual is not the same as size 14 in a text box. Frustrating that size are not the same and I also have to guess. Assuming that once this is fixed I will have to go back and change all fonts to get consistency. Everyone will. 



Super User


Any word on this? 


I also notice that Cards and the custom visual "Advance Card" show pretty much the same font size when rendered on a report (two visuals, side-by-side). But when both are pinned to a dashboard, the "Advance Card" font is greatly enlarged, making it look out of place on the dashboard. 


In my humble opinion, Power BI *should* be all about making it easy to make stuff look good. This is NOT one of those cases. 


Here's another suggestion: In order to have your custom visual 'certified' by Microsoft, it should follow a certain set of standards for font size, etc. "Certification" shouldn't just be about performance, it should be about usability, standards, documentation, samples, all that stuff.