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Filled map colors are too opaque to see names of countries and regions

My filled maps do not allow the country names to show through the colors, and there is no option for making the color more transparent. I have seen others who have fixed this by opening the zipped version of the pbix and messing with the Layout file, but I cannot figure out how to do that. I'm not a programmer; maybe that's the problem? Anyone, can someone help me figure out how to fix this problem?




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You may add a measure and use Color by color values.

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Hi @v-chuncz-msft ,
I have the same problem. I have listed more details below:
- The report is already completed a few months ago and the colour of the filled map regions had always transparency in it so it was possible to see the names of the continents (I am using the default color with a measure and the format by color scale)


- And now - exactly the same report - with the August Update, the map looks like this:


I also tried to create a completely new report, but that doesn't change anything. The report, which I uploaded with a previous Power BI version still looks good. But as soon as I open it with the current Power BI version, the map changes to no transparency.

Could you help?