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Export only extracts 300 rows on Summarized Data, File Format .csv

Hi there,


I have a noticed a recent issue where people are trying to use the export via the Summarized Data and the File Format .csv 


It says it has a limit of 30,000 rows but on any export it only retrieves the first 300?


Can this be investigated please?

Status: Delivered

This issue has been fixed. Please update Power BI Desktop to the latest version and re-export.

Advocate IV

@foodd I understand that I can use it but I have been sing PowerBI Desktop with my team and we are all up to speed to use that. I am hoping that Microsoft will fix it soon and avoid us learning how to use DAX studio. Thanks anyway for the input, I might start using it myself.


Frequent Visitor

having the same issue. been telling our users to publish to the service and then export since they dont have dax studio. this is not ideal. 

Frequent Visitor

ETA on fix for Desktop version?


Relying on this for data export for crucial reporting. Please add the export functionality to the testing of the desktop version prior to release of a new version. 


Right now I am very screwed, as I don't have the ability to use the mitigation strategies outline in the thread. 

New Member

Any update for the desktop? I can still only export 300 rows? I use this for reporting

Super User

@peter2002,  you can quite easily export your required data using DAX Studio quite easily without creating additional technical overhead or costs.

Regular Visitor

Looks like the issue with export to csv in PBI service is now resolved. I can now download up to 30,000 rows as designed.

Community Support

Hi @TWolsten 

Please check the export function in PBI Service .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered

This issue has been fixed. Please update Power BI Desktop to the latest version and re-export.

Frequent Visitor

@v-tangjie-msft what is the newest version number? 

Super User

@olszykn ,


It appears to be fixed on the version of Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store.  Successfully exported 2134 rows as CSV.   Screenshots below: