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Export only extracts 300 rows on Summarized Data, File Format .csv

Hi there,


I have a noticed a recent issue where people are trying to use the export via the Summarized Data and the File Format .csv 


It says it has a limit of 30,000 rows but on any export it only retrieves the first 300?


Can this be investigated please?

Status: Delivered

This issue has been fixed. Please update Power BI Desktop to the latest version and re-export.

Regular Visitor

@clearyvictori export to excel feature is a PBI service tenancy setting - same goes with export to csv. Do check with your PBI Admin.


In the interim, you can use your PBI desktop (if you have access to the pbix file) and use it's export to csv function. It works in my tests.

New Member

This is happening for me right now and I have multiple tables I need to download by tomorrow, all less than 750 rows and I can't. I can't use an older version of PowerBI as I work for a corporation where I cannot control my downloads. Please please please get this fixed 

Frequent Visitor

Just download as excel, delete the blank rows at the top and save as csv.


Helper II

can we get a fix on this please 

New Member

Save issue here, Pro license,

Sep 14th functioned normally, 

Sep 15th data extraction exceeds limit and only shows 300 rows of data

lookforward to solution, many thanks 

New Member

For PBI Desktop , before this issue fixed, can use the old version (May 2023 Edition) to open the files and export, it works from my side.

Frequent Visitor

Same issue here aswell. Last month we exported a table with around 3000 rows, however, exproting the same table we are getting the 'Data exceeds the limit' error and only pulls the first 300 rows. 

Regular Visitor

It has been over two weeks since this has first been reported, how is this not fixed yet? Please fix!!

Regular Visitor

Are there any engineers of Microsoft involved in this issue?

Advocate III

It started working for me yesterday.  I pulled down the pbix file to my PC and published to a different Premium workspace and seems to be OK.  I just pulled down a .csv file with over 23,000 rows of data.