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Exceptions thrown by direct query requests on report using composite model



Can someone explain what this error is about?

Direct Query Error.PNG


This is from any of the broken visuals on a published report in an App Workspace.  The page with the broken visuals look like the following.

Broken visuals.PNG


This is from a report which uses the Composite Model.  Specifically, the report uses direct query tables in the row-level security filter expressions.  While the business data are stored in imported tables, the user permissions are stored in on-premises SQL Server and accessed by direct query.  This works beautifully on the desktop, and worked for a while as a published report in an App Workspace, until recently.  Since last week our users have reported inconsistently errors like the above when viewing the report. 


The errors are inconsistent i.e. different users with the same permissions could get different results.  After refreshing the dataset, the problem occurs for a different set of users.  This suggests the problem is not from the design or coding but possibly due to resource limitation (bandwidth, connections) which causes time-outs in the direct queries.  How can we find out and how can it be fixed?


I have tried to increase the maximum connentions for direct query parameter to the maximum value of 1000, but it did not help.





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@wilx ,


There're several limitations with composite models in direct query mode, please refer to doc below:



Jimmy Tao

Advocate I



Can you be more specific?  I am aware of the limitations (have read them before and during the development phase of my project, and read them again when the error occurred),  but I cannot find any specific information in the document that seems relevant to the error I am getting.