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Error retrieving data in powerBI


Power BI 

Connected to Spark SQL Data Source


So I used spark SQL data source to connect to power bi application.

On the receiving end on the spark thrift server, I parse the query to optimize it further.

The issue I am facing is when I apply a filter visual level from the dimension dropdown

The query I am receiving on my end is 

select top 100001 group1, group2 from (sql * from table where filter in (?,?)) group by group1,group2

I cannot understand why I am getting ? in filter values even when I have selected correct lookup

It works when there is only a filter value applied.


I am attaching the logs from my end





ExecuteDirect","ResourceKind":"Spark","ResourcePath":"","cliservice","HostProcessId":"324","CommandText":"select top 1000001\r\n    `dimension`,\r\n    sum(`measurement`) as `C1`\r\nfrom \r\n(\r\n    select `<dimension>`\r\n    from `SPARK`.`table`\r\n    where `group` in (?, ?)\r\n) as `ITBL`\r\ngroup by `group`","ParameterCount":"2","Skip":"0","Take":"Infinite","PageRowCount":"0","ProductVersion":"2.79.5768.1082 




The query which is working 


 SELECT SUM(C_43) AS C_4331  FROM (SELECT C_61756469656e63655f61637469766974795f61756469656e63655f6163746976697479.`dimension1` AS C_43  FROM `table`  C_61756469656e63655f61637469766974795f61756469656e63655f6163746976697479 WHERE C_61756469656e63655f61637469766974795f61756469656e63655f6163746976697479.`dimension2` IN ('val1','val2','val3')  C_4954424c  



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@Anike ,


Do you mean when you apply only one value in visual level filter, it works well, but when you apply multiple values, error occurs?



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

Hi @v-yuta-msft,


Thanks for responding. 

1. When I select multiple values in the visual level filter with dimensions and measurements, I get this error. 

2. When I select multiple values in the visual level filter with only measurements, it works. 


When 1 is called, the SQL which I receive from the PowerBI app is

Select top 100001 dimension1, sum(measurement1) from table where filter1 in (?,?) group by dimension1


I don't understand why are the values not passed in the filter.


When 2 is called, the SQL which I receive from the PowerBI app is

Select sum(measurement1)from table where filter in  ("val1","val2") 


I am able to run this. This works perfectly.


I can attach a screenshot and debug/trace logs from the PowerBI app if you want.




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Hi Team, 

Do you have any further information that you can share with us? Any better input that you can shed some light on? 
Seem like we are following up on this YES or NO ask over a MONTH and this is definitely not a Good Sign for our Client In any use case. 
We do request to PRIORITIZE this ask and share more input on our ask. 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.