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Error publishing report using Bookmarks

Hi there,


I think there is a error on Power BI Service. I'm publishing a Power BI Desktop Report that has several bookmarks. Depending on which bookmark I choose, some visual filters can be applied meanwhile others visuals are hidden.

At image a) you can see my Power BI Desktop Report displaying many visuals, all of them with values, as it is settled with Bookmark A.


A) Desktop versionA) Desktop version














a) Desktop version


But once I publish this report and visualize it online it is displayed as image b). As you can see, some visuals as blank and others with different values. This values should be displayed when I set Bookmark B, although at Bookmark B, those blank visuals are suppose to be hidden.

B) Online versionB) Online version














b) Online version


My conclusion is that once I publish my report the Power BI Service is not been able to set my bookmarks correctly. It is changing the filters accordingly a different Bookmark (different from that one settled on desktop report at the publishing moment) but keeping the visualization/hidden of components from the original bookmark (the one that is settled on desktop report at the publishing moment).


I was using Power BI Desktop march 2020 version and updated to june 2020 version, but the error remains.

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Community Support



Similar issue has been reported: CRI 190576561, so stay tuned. 

Advocate II

Thanks for your reply @v-chuncz-msft .


As I'm new on community could you give a link to CRI190576561?