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Error message when I try to update any Content Pack

When I try to update a content pack, (in, cog -> View Content Pack ->  Edit (an existing content pack) -> click UPDATE button), I see an error message that begins "The following groups have failed validation..." This happens with all of my content packs, even when there are only 5 members of the workspace that the content pack is publishing to, and all members are definitely still current staff members. Any ideas?

Status: Accepted
Frequent Visitor

You have got to be kidding !!!!   How many thousands of users are impacted negatively by this ??  


Pretty sure I hear all the Tableu developers laughing at the Power BI developers. 

Frequent Visitor

So ??????


Our clients can't improve their error reports

Advocate II

This issue appears to be fixed! Just tested today.

Frequent Visitor

You're right!

Good news!!!

Advocate I

Yes! It works again!

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Hi Folks,

I am facing this issue again. What was done?? IS it mandatory to have all users in the group to have pro licencse. Even if some are just there to view the apps. I havent check that all members are pro or not but going through the post they seems to have asked that. Please clarify and tell me what has to be done to fix this. @jdunmall @Robot