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Enable opening links in other tabs

Enable opening links in other tabs. Literally every link on a report should be openable in another tab. Yet powerbi completely blocks this. I have to manually open a new tab in my browser just to be able to open two reports at the same time. This is ridiculous and backwards from a web design perspective.

Status: New
Community Support

@moody31415 ,


Could you please clarify more details about the link you mentioned? For example, does it mean hyperlinks in a table/matrix visual or a bookmark button linked to another page?



Jimmy Tao


On the "home" page, where my favorites, frequents and recents are - I cannot open a single one of those reports in a new tab. On my list of favorites -I can't open any of those in a new tab. Opening a report - I cannot open any of the pages in the report in a new tab. From that report, looking at my favorites - Again, I cannot open any of those in a new tab. Looking at my workspace - Again, cannot open anything in a new tab. 


Anything a rational user of the web would think is a link to a new page cannot be opened in a new tab.