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Display Folder disappears after refresh the dataset

I created some display folders to store different fields in Power BI desktop. Like below. I used excel as the datasource and I would refresh the dataset everytime before I publish the report. 


In the past, the display folder will not change or disappear after I refresh the datasource. However, I noticed today that all the folders are gone after I refresh the datasource. Like this:


I re-install power BI today and not sure what changed. Anyone knows why this happened and how to fix this??


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I too am seeing this effect.


To save space, we've been saving pbit's locally (rather than the full pbix).

When opening the pbit yesterday, I noticed that all our Display Folders were gone.


If I open the pbit in TabularEditor I can see that references to the Display Folders are still there, but somehow during opening the pbit and/or refreshing the data, the Display Folders vanish.


After the data has completed refreshing for the pbit, I can go in to Model and examine the properties for a Field, and now the Display folder text box is empty

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Hi, @windynan 

I have reported this issue internally, ICM: 233091389

I will update here once I get any information.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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I have this issue as well. When I refreshed the datat in my table (SQL databes connection) I lost all my display folders and descriptions.
Any work around?

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I've lost all my folders too - the only ones that seem to still be there are for calculated fields.


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@v-robertq-msft Thank you Robet. Do you know when this can be fixed?

Community Support

Hi, @windynan 

I’ve got this message from pg: We already have a work item for it. Working on a fix.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Phew, I was seriously starting to doubt my memory & process with this one.
I have the same issue, but only lose some folders and some descriptions after a refresh. Couldn't see a clear pattern as to which ones disappeared.

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Should we wait until the patch is released in order to have all our folders back?

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Has this been fixed yet?