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Desktop ribbon becomes unresponsive

I've been getting issues for a while now where the ribbon in desktop will become unresponsive. The only buttons that work are those in the quick access toolbar.


This has happened on several versions that have been released. Currently on 2.57.5068.501 64-bit (April 2018).


Doesn't seem to be any consistency in how it happens. Best guess is when Query Editor is closed or possibly when a refresh is done.


Perhaps the UI is not being renabled properly when the refresh dialogue box is closed.

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Ditto, same issue.


I've experienced for at least a couple of months and I've just updated to 2.67.5404.801 64-bit (March 2019) and its still there.

I tend to notice it after a refresh and save, but not every time and like the others minimising and then maximising resolves it.



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I've the same issue. It only ocurs when I go into the query editor and come back to the normal editor. 

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I'm having significant (multiple times a day) issues with unresponsive windows / hang times due to the following actions:

* activity in or around query editor ( ex. using advanced editor and then saving changes, re-entering normal editor)
* adding a new relationship between data sources when either one source or both are directquery (though either the "manage relationships -> new dialog or the visual click and drag column on the model layout)

* after saving, attempting to immediately publish document (unable to click publish button)
* after entering a dax calculation / adjustment to a measure. 


This most obviously started for me with the march update but has become *dramatically* worse in the april update to the point that I save and duplicate workbooks between significant actions (I've recently had a workbook become corrupted and so cannot depend on a single workbook because each workbook does not retain / manage version history). 
I find it astounding that a modern bi tool does not allow version / change tracking and history. 

Edit: I'm attaching an issue where after completing a refresh of data, the publish button was unselectable (as well as the rest of the ribbon) with this screenshot showing that interaction. (Publish button hover should darken button but does not due to inaccessible ribbon.)


Publish button unselectablePublish button unselectable

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This happens to me too.  seems to be more frequent recently, but could be that I am just working in it more.  Thanks @mikegunns minimizing and restoring works for me too.  I was closing and reopening which takes a while; minimize and restore is much faster!

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Same here. Have to minimize/maximize every single time

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@v-qiuyu-msft All users here are having the same issue. 

As stated by  @mikegunns  "minimizing the Power BI window and then opening it back up seems to restore functionality"

Yes doing so works but makes me feel that something is wrong with PBD.

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This has now been fixed for me on the latest update. You need to enable the preview of the new ribbon.