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Datamart Model Layouts not saving

 When closing the Datamart editor my different layouts are not saved. All my table arrangements are gone upon opening again.

Status: Investigating

If you have built some queries in the Design view, please see the comments in the page:

'Your query will not be saved. This feature is coming soon'



If not, you can consider sharing more details about this issue, like some screenshots or the steps whichi could reproduce this issue better.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Advocate I

I'm experiencing the same problem. Layouts don't save and folders created under tables don't apppear. Almost 1 year since the original post and nothing's been fixed ?

Regular Visitor

To date, I'm still experiencing this issue. Problem is really on the Datamart modelling side as report I created on top of it, uses the auto-generated dataset which came from the previous/unsaved Data Model 😥


Hope this gets resolved ASAP given the recent launch of Fabric, with today's Datamart as one of its core solutions.

Regular Visitor

@v-yingjl there really isn't much more to add. If you build a new layout in the model tab of a datamart, add your tables and build relationships for that layout, it will disappear at some point. Cause is unknown as there is no option to save (layouts are autosaved). I had 3 layouts saved prior to today and all had been there for a week or so. I created a new layout with new table today and boom, all layouts have disappeared and I am back to only having the "all tables" default layout. This makes working with multiple tables in a datamart difficult.