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Dataflows - UK/US Date Format

Just trying out the Dataflow feature and sadly anything other than US date format does not appear to work.  I am using a DimDate table which has dates in UK format.  Created a Dataflow, all date field that were in UK format came in as US Format - as far as I can see there is no where to set the date format to UK.  So i then connected to the Dataflow from the Desktop and all the date columns error because the service thinks they are invalid dates.  There is life outside of the US 🙂  If this is a bug please fix it quicker than you did when PBI first came out and the same US/UK format issue took nearly a year to fix.



Status: New
Microsoft Employee

Hi tanyad, I am happy to report that the team have identified the root cause of the issue and are applying a  fix. due to safe deployment it will take several weeks to reach production, but the fix has been identified. 



Advocate III

@sagivh - thank you for letting me know good to hear there will be a fix out soon.

Advocate V

I'm also eagerly waiting for a fix. Thank you for the update Sagivh! 🙂

Advocate IV

I have also been getting this error when working with Dataflows. I have everything correctly set to  English (Australian). Great to hear a fix is on its way. At this stage the work around that I have been using is to ensure that all dates in Dataflows are text and the conversion to date is done in Power BI Desktop. This seems to be working as a work around.

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Will this fix be in production before year end?

Microsoft Employee

Hi, yes I expect it to be available next week in production. But didn't want to set a specific date due to holidays and safe deployment. 

Advocate V

@sagivh Thank you for the update on this issue.
IMPORTANT: I would also like to report that I have a very similar problem with decimal numbers!

in dataflows I have for example: 23.16 (Currency.Type)
when I download that in the power BI desktop file I wrongly get: 2316  (type number) instead of 23,16 (Curreny.Type)

When I then publish this report to power BI service I get the wrong number 2316 in my report! On the other hand 11.9 (Currency.type) in dataflows becomes 119 (type number) in my report!


This means I can absolutely NOT USE DATAFLOWS UNTIL THIS IS FIXED. Smiley Sad


Are you aware and working on the decimal numbers bug as well?

dataflows is such a promising feature Smiley Very Happy

Microsoft Employee

Hi Everyone, I am happy to report that the fix has started making its way into production, please bear with me and help us test the fix to make sure we hit all cases you report. 


I am expecting by the end of the week the fix will be available in all clusters. 


that means that for existing dataflows, you can set the locale within the authoring experience and save the dataflow. and then initiate a refresh. 



Advocate V

I've been having the same issues. Everything is set to UK.


If I publish the report PBI Service it works fine. Scheduled refreshes work fine. If I replicate the query in dataflows then I get an error relating to the date format.

Microsoft Employee

Hi Veles, the fix should have now been deployed to production for few days, have you tried this recently? Can yiu make sure to update the locale in the authoring editor and save and then refresh the dataflow?


Thanks .