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Dataflow refresh very slow

yesterday and today im experience Dataflow refresh very slow, it takes already a couple of minutes, normaly it takes a ferw secounds. is there any outage today ??




loading the table in Dataflow is also very slow, it takes 1,5 minutes 


Status: Investigating

Hi  all,


Please check whether the data amount refreshed quite large so it caused the long time refresh. If your model is very simple, please try to refresh your dataflow with on-demand refresh to see whether you will have same issue or whether this issue is happening at a relative fixed time.

If your dataflow refresh issue is not caused the above reasons and you are a Pro user, please consider getting direct help from the technical team of Microsoft by support ticket. They will have a remote session with you to troubleshoot on this issue.

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to this blog:

Power BI Support:


It couldn't be better if any of you post the root cause and solution of such issue here once you get them from technical team to help others who may encounter similar issue. Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

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This is not something that will be handled via a one-off support ticket.


Data flows as currently configured are unusable. Regardless of the size, unless you're talking hundreds of tables and millions of rows, it should not take an entire day to save. Ever. Much less for one tiny change. God help you if you had a typo.


I can't report to the management team that simply adding a single field to their report will take an entire day to update. Sticking your head in the sand or pointing to a shiny support ticket over there won't make that acceptable.


MS can either fix it, or we'll all find another tech to use.


It's that simple.


I'm already looking. An internal Postgres db will be more work sure, but cost me almost nothing and will certainly perform better. But I'm checking other options as well.

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Same issue here ( Canada Central).

Got issue with Dataflow refresh that normally finish in seconds and now, they took hours or they do not finish.


Is it possible that the last Gateway Update (3000.110.5)  is the cause ???

Super User

Dataflow capabilities are restored and working as desired now.

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We now use an SQL statement for the initial selection of records, with an ODBC data source. Do these steps: 

- Go to Get Data. Use an ODBC data source.

- A popup window should appear. Choose your data source. Click the arrow next to Advanced. 

- A box should open up where you enter in your SQL statement

- Using the SQL statement you can select all records or limit by date or other criteria. 

- Ex: SELECT * FROM customer

- No trailing semi-colon is needed here.

Now use Transform to choose only columns you want. Chooseing less columns helps reduce Refresh time.