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Dataflow Error: Access token has expired resubmit with a new access token

I'm trying to create a transformation dataflow from a staging dataflow. 
The staging dataflow contains a big volume of data and refreshes fine.
In the transformation dataflow I'm trying to group and aggregate the staging dataflow.
I'm getting this error after an hour or so:

[DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorMessage]=<ccon>Access token has expired resubmit with a new access token</ccon> [DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult]=-2147467259 [Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Error]=error "Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Runtime.ValueException: [Expression.Error] The field 'pbi.error' of the record wasn't found.#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Language.ValueCreator.CreateValueForThrow(IThrowExpression throwExpr)#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Language.ValueCreator.<>c__DisplayClass23_0.<CreateValueForRecord>b__0(Int32 index)#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Runtime.RecordValue.DemandRecordValue.get_Item(Int32 index)#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ProviderCommon.MashupResource.TryGetValue(Func`1 getValue IValue& value String& errorMessage)#(cr)#(lf)Record" [Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Reason]=TokenExpired

How can I solve this?

Status: Investigating

Hi @gp10 ,


We've found feedback from other users who have had similar experiences to yours. Here are some suggestions from the PG team Please see if this mitigates your problem.

"Customer appears to be using Feb 2023 version of the gateway. Can you please ask the customer to upgrade gateway to the latest version and re-capture gateway logs? There were some changes in the token refresh implementation in Jan 2023, upgrading will assure we have the latest version being used. Also ensure only one version of the gateway is installed.


Customer should also consider removing all existing credentials to the dataflow and recreating them. Sometimes that can fix authentication problems in PBI service."


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

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@gooranga1 ,thanks, it seems to work.

I'm editing all the connections now...


Very weird to let the dataflow connections unmapped.

I think microsoft needs to improve/fix the management UI, but ok.

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Also works here - thanks! 
Had to 'unmap' it in the DG section and then configure the connection below. 

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We got the same problem since yesterday from a dataflow that use another dataflow as a source.

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@gooranga1 Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! Me ha ayudado a resolver mi problema.

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It's an amazingly ridiculous design that you must assign an owner to a Dataflow and login via OAUTH so that the token expires, requiring an admin to continually re-authenticate to keep these things running. 


It's also amazing that through this thread, no one from Microsoft mentions it or even acts like they want to explain it properly. I can see why, as this having to re-authenticate over time is complete nonsense.

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@gooranga1 ,thanks, it seems to work.

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@gooranga1 ,thanks, it seems to work.

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Still getting these errors randomly.

I do believe it happens on On-Premise Gateway when it's under a high load (f.e. if there are few datasets updating simultaneously). Seams like gateway is not always able to refresh tokens in time when it's overloaded.

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When this issue cropped up for me this month (Nov 2023), it's because when you create a new dataflow and choose to connect to another dataflow, the platform uses the LEGACY connector instead of the current one, and the legacy connector may or may not recognize organizational authentication. When I tried to sign in again, it told me it wouldn't use anonymous credentials (even though I used the organizational account).


Switching to the current connector got rid of the error message.