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Data in Table is frozen until Cross-Filtered is successful (only in Service)



I am running into a scenario where my report in the Service is not acting the same as my report in desktop.


I have two tables where I am using one as a filter for the other. The second table will not have the exact same records as the first table, so I would expect the second table to be filtered to nothing if I click on a record that it does not have.


Please forgive the images, just blocking certain information from view. Let me know if it isn't clear.


This is what happens in Desktop. The bottom table will display nothing.





This is what is happening in the Server. The bottom table is frozen to whatever it was previously filtered to.



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I cannot repro the same issue on my side. Could you please try to use the refresh button on the report, or trigger a model refresh to see if you can workaround it? There is a similar issue and I want to confirm that if yours is same as that one.


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I have not been able to work around this... My table will not clear if I select an item that does not exist for that table. It remains frozen at the previous filter. 


Again this is only occurring in the Service, not in desktop.

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This is not a problem anymore.. There must have been an update for the service that fixed this.



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