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Data Colors Change in Service vs Desktop (different color priorities)

This is becoming a very big pain point for me.... It is crucial that my colors stay consistent throughout my report, However, the colors will change in the service!!


Below image shows what I have set in Desktop.





Below shows what is in the Service. Even when I try to re-publish my desktop report. The colors won't match. I have to completely delete the report from my service, then publish. And even then it only lasts a day before the colors are changed.




You will notice, it is all the same colors in both charts.... However, they are just taking different priorities.... In Desktop, I have the magenta line as top priority, but in the Service, it doesn't follow that.


Please, please, please fix this. There are so many threads about this, that have supposedly been resolved, but the issue is not resolved.

Status: Needs Info
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Is This still not fixed. 

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Yes still no fix but i find a solution:

1- supress the dashboard and the dataset on the service

2- copy and paste the .pbix file on your desktop, and rename it

3- open the new file with the new name

4- change color

5- and re-publish it, the bug is gone, the color that your apply previously are the good one.


I hope it will unblock you


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It's been five six years. I'm having a miserable morning because the colors of our brand new 2023 report suddenly are completely mixed-up and don't match any of the standards we use for other reports. 

Please. This really needs to be prioritized.

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I stated in 10/2023 I had not experienced this again, but it happened just now so it's obviously still a problem. Online vs Desktop chart colors.png