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Data Colors Change in Service vs Desktop (different color priorities)

This is becoming a very big pain point for me.... It is crucial that my colors stay consistent throughout my report, However, the colors will change in the service!!


Below image shows what I have set in Desktop.





Below shows what is in the Service. Even when I try to re-publish my desktop report. The colors won't match. I have to completely delete the report from my service, then publish. And even then it only lasts a day before the colors are changed.




You will notice, it is all the same colors in both charts.... However, they are just taking different priorities.... In Desktop, I have the magenta line as top priority, but in the Service, it doesn't follow that.


Please, please, please fix this. There are so many threads about this, that have supposedly been resolved, but the issue is not resolved.

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As for today (11.6.2020) colors in our line charts have switched back to the correct ones in the Service. Hopefully the issue has been fixed. Thank you.
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I have the same issue for some time now. The first message was from March 2018 and it's June 2020 now. No sollution for over 2 years for something very important to many companies and what should be an easy fix I assume.

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Exactly same problem here!


Desktop and Service colors are not identical. 


What could I do? Changing each colors manually?





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My solution is to redesign colors on web designer after i publish from desktop to web. And redownload the pibx to desktop 🙂

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Why has this issue not yet been resolved?

It has been YEARS and colors constantly change in the Microsoft built in charts and graphs when you publish to the service...

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Just want to give a heads up because this error still persists.

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Hi All,


We had the same issue with the colors on reports visuals not in sync in Power BI Desktop & in Power BI Service.

Resolution: Installing Power BI Desktop (Version: 2.98.1025.0 64-bit (October 2021) seems to have resolved the issue.


Hope this helps.



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Shame that Microsoft can not fix this for so long time.

To my observation the colors don't match in Service and Desktop when you set up custom colors for bars, lines in Visual-Columns-Colors by selecting a color from theme colors. If you set custom color by providing its code (e.g. #3858F5), it works. At least in my limited case scenario.

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I've checked this thread for a long time waiting for responses.


Still no fix yet. It seems indeed to be related to using a imported theme, since my projects with default themes won't show this desync in colour palettes.


Furthermore, if i set manually a data colour, it will show on both services, but this isn't viable when you have lots of data to change and eventually it will lead to similar colours on the same visual. Then you get to a trial-and-error basis to fix it.

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I also have the same issue. Are there any solution??