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Dashboard Schedule Refresh no longer working

Have the same problem that was posted awhile back ( see link below ).  Dashboard tiles are not refreshing on schedule, only manually refreshing the dataset pushes updated data to the Dashboard. I have been working with support and tried a number of different things with no change, so they asked me to post here. 

Everything was working fine until two weeks ago and now none of our dashboards automaticcally refresh; seems like something was broken in the backend between schedule refreshes and dashboards.

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Just got a call from support with an update - they've been advised that this bug has an ETA of mid-december. Bit disappointing given that it's pretty core functionality but there's nothing that I can see to do.


In the mean time the suggested workaround is: Refreshing the broswer.


So all in all it's going to be a 5ish month battle to get functionality back that was working fine previously. Not thrilled with that.