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Dashboard Schedule Refresh no longer working

Have the same problem that was posted awhile back ( see link below ).  Dashboard tiles are not refreshing on schedule, only manually refreshing the dataset pushes updated data to the Dashboard. I have been working with support and tried a number of different things with no change, so they asked me to post here. 

Everything was working fine until two weeks ago and now none of our dashboards automaticcally refresh; seems like something was broken in the backend between schedule refreshes and dashboards.

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Community Support

@lesyk0090 ,


Please check points below:


1. Are you using import mode?

2. Have you pinned single tiles?

3. Have you wait for 15min?



Jimmy Tao

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  1. We are using directquery mode
  2. We have tried single tiles (pinning and repinning doesnt work) and we have used "pin a live page" neither fixes the issue. 
  3. Yes, we have waited for hours

I have also cleared my browsing data and used different browsers, no change. I have enabled display last refresh time and that also doesn't update until you refresh the page. 


To clarify from my original post all of our dashboards were working perfectly for a year+ until about two weeks ago, then everything stopped. 

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I'm experiencing the same issue and not receiving any help.


Not sure if Microsoft knows what the problem is and is working on fixing it or what.


'Have you waited for 15mins' doesn't fill me with hope that we're going to get an answer here to be honest.


Very frustrating.

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We are experiencing the same problem. For years we have had a dashboard showing on a big screen in our department and recently it stopped automatically refreshing even though the Analysis Services Tabular (On-Prem) data model is updated every 15 minutes. If we manually refresh data is works.

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We seem to be on parallel paths again @sdjensen .


Last time it seemed to resolve itself after your comment so hopefully that will be the case again - if not we might have to go directly to the support team.


I'm surprised more of a fuss hasn't been kicked up to be honest, this seems like core functionality that I would expect would be in lots of businesses so I'm sure it's pretty impactful...

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It is amazing that no one else has discovered this issue.


Last time Microsoft publised a new version of the Power BI service a few days after I wrote, so they knew there were an issue, they just didn't care about giving this info to their users though the service tab on

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I'm struggling with the same issue.


We have a TV in the office which displays a dashboard with a mix of import and direct query tiles pinned to it. Up until a couple of weeks ago, the tiles would refresh through the day at the scheduled time. Now they do not update at all through the day without me refreshing the page.


I've tried repinning tiles, checked the refreshes schedules are correct. I have even rebuilt a report from scratch but nothing seems to be making a difference.


This is starting to become a big problem for us, so I'm really hoping this can be resolved soon.

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Ok so I've opened a ticket and have been speaking with Support about this.


Unfortunately I don't actually have good news yet, as they're trying to convince me that either it's the browser not allowing the visuals to update (despite the refresh not working in Edge - I typically use chrome but for testing I loaded it up on Edge), or some combination of "you haven't set it up right".


I'm pushing back because clearly this is not a T1 issue, and will keep updating as I go through the rigmarole.



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Now I have good news @sdjensen  @Miss  @lesyk0090 !


I received word today from support that after the escalated the issue at the end of last week it's been determined there is a bug! Go figure.


I've been assured that the engineering team is working on it and I'll be given an ETA of the fix as soon as there is one - I'll update this when that occurs.

Solution Sage

@Link thank you for the update and for pushing on with this to get a solution.