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DAX Intellisense, October 2021 Update .

Hi All,
It does appear that the make over of the DAX editor is very unproductive when authoring code as the user now experiences giant pop ups appearing and obscuring large , if not all, of the preceding code in the editor window. It's very distracting for the user and increases the complexity of both writing and learning DAX which I am sure all will agree, is at the very heart of Power BI. I have many screenshots and can point you by way of example to many other users who share my opinions. Are there are any plans to change or modify this feature in a future release, as it has created a very poor impression of the product for new adopters trying to learn and execute the language of Power BI and a diminished user experience for long time users like myself.

We like the coloured font and could probably get used to the strange icons but we have to be able to see the code to enjoy and interact with the product. 


Please, let's have a rethink.

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Super User

@CraigsterT, could not agree more!

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So true

Advocate I


 "Look MS , no code...

Power BI Team

@CraigsterT thanks for the example screenshot. We made some changes to the intellisense UI in preparation for some upcoming features. We'll definitely look into this bug about the intellisense UI overlapping the formula cotents. You mentioned having many examples of unwanted behavior changes, could you share those as well? 

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Status changed to: Investigating
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You may try earlier versions from Power BI updates archive and share feedback via Ideas to help improve Power BI.

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@TaylorClark  Numerous examples - here's a screnshot of what occurs when the "code helper" pop up attempts to follow you across the editor screen - it is also accompanied by the intellisense but I could,t manage to get that in the scren shot as it ranaway to hide it's shame 
it's a huge distraction and a crazy user experience. 





Advocate I

@TaylorClark better screenshot of the the user experience where it almost overlaps tje visualisation pane.



Responsive Resident

Here is what I get when when I am writing DAX, at first i thought thats neat, but it now takes a long time to get what you need from the dropdown as the list of items is so long. 



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Hey @TaylorClark  the new intellisense is terrible, please take it back to what it was before. I can't even find a column by typing it's name, i have to fully type the table and column name in order to make it work.