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Custom branding logo is missing and no possibility to go back to Home when using Power BI App



Is it just me or after recent layout refreshment in Power BI Service the custom branding logo + Power BI (text with redirection to Home Page) is not visible anymore when opening Power BI Reports and Power BI Apps? 


Moreover, the Power BI menu bar is not visible in Power BI Apps what means that there is no possibility to easily go back to Home Page 😞 




Status: Investigating

Hi @karo 

Custom branding logo ? Can you explain it in detail ? 

Recently Service did an update, the navigation bar on the left side is all shrunk, only the icons are displayed, when you put the mouse on the relevant icon will display the corresponding introduction.

As for your mention of "the Power BI menu bar is not visible in Power BI Apps what means that there is no possibility to easily go back to Home Page ", I don't quite understand, there is a Go back button in the bottom left corner of the app, we can go back to the home page from the app through this. Maybe you can explain it in detail?


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Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao



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We are experiencing the same thing: Power BI and brand logo disappear and report title which should be centered ends up on the left where the Power BI and brand logo should be. Painfully, the ability to "go home" quickly is gone. 

This is not a caching issue nor a browser issue: the problem persists regardless of the environment. Incredibly annoying for thousands of our clients. 

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Adding onto the list of people experiencing this.

I'm not convinced this has anythign to do with custom branding (although we do have it implemented). It appears to be a role-based or permissions issue, but neither I nor my tenant admin can find any settings that would impact/control this behavior. It does not impact me - only end users, so far that I've seen. EDIT 5/24/2023: the issue is now impacting me, too.


This is specific to Apps (which is how end users access everything available to them). The behavior we're experiencing happens across all apps, both with and without audiences created. EDIT 5/24/2023: now that it impacts me in apps, it also does the same in reports (however, reports retain the left-hand navigation bar that is present in the home environment, so not as problematic).


Here is what I see in the top left of the browser window when viewing an app:

O365 App Launcher Matrix     {Custom Brand Image} | Power BI     {Application Name}


EDIT 5/24/2023:

Here is what I see in the top left of the browser window when viewing an app:

O365 App Launcher Matrix     {Report Name} | Data Updated {update date} 


Here is what impacted end users see:

O365 App Launcher Matrix     {Report name}



On page load, it renders the correct menu momentarily, then immediately replaces the home link (Power BI) and app link (Application name) with the Report name.


This results in the inability for someone to navigate to their Power BI home (link that goes to


EDIT 5/24/2023 to add and address support's initial feedback: the "<- Go Back"  link at the bottom left of the app does take you back to home, but this is not intuitive by any stretch. The behavior I would have expected from a button that says go back is for it to go back to the last viewed object (ie, a different report or report page in the app if you've browsed multiple). If this link simply takes you back to the user's Power BI homepage, why doesn't it say "Return to Home" or something more descriptive?


EDIT 5/26/2023 - I am beginning this is part of a yet-to-be-announced change to the UI that they're still working through, take this as an example. One thing that has been burdensome about apps as an Admin is that you cannot manage subscriptions created by others in an App. However, with being in the App and seeing the report names at the top (part of this problem thread), I had a suspicion this behavior may be changed - I had someone create a subscription from the App, and I am able to see it and edit/takeover. Unfortunately we did not have subscriptions enabled in our tenant previously, so I don't know if that would apply to ones that were created previously, but if this is the path we're heading down, I think this could result in a much-needed improvement for functionality. I still think the custom branding needs to return, but the getting home could be addressed in multiple ways (if you click the square matrix for the O365 menu, how about whatever app you're in is the top left result or it says "Return to {Current O365 App} Home" and then has the normal app list below; or you can click the custom branded logo to go home, etc, etc...).

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Same issue here, we trained all of our 3000 end users to use our logo as the back button and it disappeared in all Apps.

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We have the same issues. Company Logo disappears once you open report from Workspace or you look into the App content. Power BI link to the home in the app disappears and less intuitive Go back link now is available but only if App navigation panel is not collapsed. 

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FYI: I have raised a Microsoft Support Ticket regarding missing Custom Branding as we are not getting any help via this thread...

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//UPDATE form Microsoft Support. //


Microsoft Feature owners confirmed that hiding the brand logo is by design. Now, it should only shown in specific pages, like Home.  😞

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This was by design and that's how it's going to be? That's not good user experience. How are users supposed to find content easily? Even though the home page wasn't very useful at least users could get to the "Apps" button. Now you have to open a brand new power bi page to get to home... 

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@gabrielacaires  Basically, the Ticket is closed and no further actions. Feel free to submit your own ticket and let Microsoft Team know what do you think. You can also vote on Power BI Ideas related to this case or submit Design Change Request with you KAM, however except of those steps I do not see other options. I just shared the info, I am not happy either.