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Custom Visuals are disappearing however I used the Pin to visualization pane feature

Hi, I have problem with the Pin to visualization pane feature.

Whenever I add a custom visual from AppSource (Get more visuals) and use the Pin to visualization pane feature, no matter if I use PBI Desktop or PBI Online, it disappears after a few days if I do not use PBI and/or not log in in this short period. In other words I get back the default Visualization pane.

Can someone please help?

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That seems to work fine for me. You may check Manage Power BI visuals admin settings.


New Member

Hi @v-chuncz-msft 

thanks for your reply.

I am not a Power BI admin however I use organizational O365 account. My case seems strange because I can see and get any custom visuals from AppSource also add/pin them to my Visualization pane, so I suppose that admin/tenant setting is enabled but after a few days my Visualizaton pane resets to a default state, all custom visuals disappear I pinned. And I always add PowerBI certified visuals to avoid any issues. Our Organizational visuals list is empty, that's why I can browse only on AppSource, I cannot try what would happen if I added visuals from Organizational list.