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Column Stuck Selected; Can not filter other columns keeps jumping back to original selection

I have a data sort which requires me to apply a couple different filters in the data view. When I open the report I select the first column and apply a filter on my table in data view.


Whenever I select the filter button on the next column it automatically is hoping back to the last column I selected not pulling up the filter dropdown on the new column. This is a new issue as of last night and I can not seem to select any column for filtering other than the first one I click on when entering the data view.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling powerBI but no luck

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Please try to update to the latest version of Power BI Dekstop to check this issue again(2.108.825.0) which should be fixed:

Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop from Official Microsoft Download Center


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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I have the same issue after update to the lastest version, could be problem in this version

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Seems like could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test. When I have updated Power BI Desktop to the latest version(2.108.603.0), the filter works fine on the data view and allowed to filter multiple columns as expected:


Perhaps you can consider providing some screenshots or .gif pictures which could reproduce this issue, or try to use the previous version of Power BI Desktop to check the same issue again:

Previous monthly updates to Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service - Power BI | Microsoft Docs



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I am having the same issue. Super frustrating.

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Same issue here. 
@liyingjl  - I think this issue does reproduce in your screenshot (but has no effect because you only have 3 columns) - in the screenshot you are opening the filter in 'Value' column, but 'Date' column is still selected (highlighted in yellow).
When there are more columns with horizontal scroll, when scrolling to a column that is off-screen and opening the filter drop-down, the page snaps back to the selected column, making it impossible to filter.

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Same issue

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@liyingjl @Yaa_D I think you are right on with your comment. In your screenshot the date column highlights/selects when you pick the dropdown on value still. For this issue if you were to open BI table select date and filter it and then left click on the value column to select it then hit the dropdown the selected column would still jump back to date column. 


This is okay with three columns because you can still see the filter window but on a table with many columns where the first is not visable on screen it is returning the view to the original column so the next column is not filterable.


As a short term work around for everyone else; the only way I got it to take a new column selection without jumping back when the filter button was used was to hide then unhide the column with a right click. Super tedious but if you are looking for something short term.

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Unistalling and downloading the june version also fixed

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Having same issue

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Same issue here. It is a pain to work like this.

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Same problem here. Here goes a video showcasing what is happening

How to replicate the issue:

0 - Make sure you are on the July or august version of PBI;
1 - Go  to Data view;
2 - Select a table;
3 - Filter  the first column (actually you dont even need to filter , just open the menu);
4 - Go to any other column further away and try to filter it;
5 - You will be sent back to the first column that you had touched, so if the columns are too further apart you cant use them both.

The thing is , if you witch to another table and come back , it works... so you have to keep switching tables if you want to apply multiple filters to a table.