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Classic workspace - Datsets are not visible after the new look

Classic workspace - Datsets are not visible after the new look upgrade done by microsoft.


There is no dataset option in the filters menu in the new experience



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Community Support

Hi @sheraz


From this blog, you can see: 


End users that have read-only permissions will not see the datasets and/or dataflows in their workspace.


I would suggest you check if the account has read-only permission in the workspace.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Frequent Visitor

Hi Qiuyun


Im seeing the same issue and im the main administrator of the workspace so definitely not a permissions only. Unfortunately upgrading from classic workspace isnt an option for me as i have extensive RLS set up which would involve a lot of rework having to migrate to the new workspace


Can this be looked into?





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This also happened to me:





New (datasets disappeared!!):

new (datasets disappeared!)new (datasets disappeared!)




It has only happened with some workspaces (most are fine). I can confirm I am Admin of every workspace, including the ones where this has happened.


Please let me know if I should open another post.


Best regards.

Regular Visitor

@v-qiuyu-msft  its nothing to do with permissions as I'm admin on the workspace.


since my original post, I read the comments in the Power BI Blog re the new look(new look release notes ), it appears there are a few bugs/fixes on the way.

I can also see that datasets & workflow tab is available in the classic workspace but actually still shows nothing so issue is still outstanding as far as I can see.

Bad that microsoft has not fully tested it. on a more positive note, there is a work around by switching to old look.

Frequent Visitor

I experienced the same issue with a workspce and I have the Admin role. Any news on how to solve the problem?


Best regards,


Frequent Visitor

Same issue here - Work-around was toggling back to the old workspace view.  Problem solved. 

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More like problem avoided... 😉

Community Support

Hi all, 


Please see the Nikhil Gaekwad's comment in this blog



Please test again next week to see if the issue still occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Frequent Visitor

Upgrading the workspace (there is an option under Settings) seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks Richard


Regular Visitor

Same issue, datasets not visible anymore on respective Tab

PowerBI no datasets 1.png


However, the dataset refresh still possible from left side menu of Workspace:

PowerBI no datasets 2.png