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Card (New) visual broken in December Update

Having major issues with the formatting of Card (New) since the update:




Padding options:





This card with two rows and 3 columns was perfect in the November update, all text was centred. Now the text is all the way to the left, the horizontal alignment ignores the padding too, and there appears to be an invisible accent bar at the bottom of each card that cuts into the text, even though my accent bar is at the top.


It's on every single one of my cards, gthe text also seems to ignore the accent bar. I have tried to create a new card and get the same problem, issue also persists if saving and opening PowerBi in my Workspace.


Can I revert back to the November update to get this to function correctly again?

Status: Delivered

Hi all,


We reported this behavior internally and received the following response from the PG team:

This is by design. We are not moving any of the components with the accent bar and move the accent bar layer to be on the top.
The cx should just use padding at the top of the the card to move the content down.


Engineers are doing their best to optimize this preview feature, thanks for your feedback and support!


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Helper III

I'm having as well many padding issues with the new card after the December update

Here's how padding got messed up after the latest update, left side was before December's update, while right side afterwards


Best regards,

Advocate I

I also had to change the top padding from 4px to 16px just so it didn't overlap the accent bar. The text doesn't centre when vertically aligned, and will move outside the boxes if alligned to the left or right.

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info


If you use the November Desktop publish to Service, is the display on Service normal ? Can you provide us with your sample for testing?

How to provide sample data in the Power BI Forum - Microsoft Fabric Community


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Frequent Visitor

Same problem here. 

Problem is not only in service but in desktop also.

Known issue - New card visual formatting appears or disappears in Service - Power BI | Microsoft Lea...

Solution/workaround is editing all new card visuals? Dozens of our reports are affected. Editing is not an option. Please fix this.


Also, maybe you can also fix the format painter on the new card visual. It does not copy/paste the shape/rounded rectangle settings. It gives me rectangle all the time.

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I have encountered the same issue.  At first it was rendering fine in Power BI desktop but broken in Power BI Service. However now the issue is in both the service and desktop.

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We have also many padding issues. Using the new reference lable option and adding here the divider, messes up the whole card. I played around with all padding options but it didn't help. Especially if you use a large font size for your values, everything is getting messed up.

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@v-yetao1-msft any update?


if not, what do you need from us to troubleshoot this?

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Mismo problema.  Después de cambiar diseño en varios informes, ahora me encuentro con que no funcionan ni se pueden editar, ni crear nuevas. Urge solución.

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@v-yetao1-msft any update?


if not, what do you need from us to troubleshoot this?

Advocate I

The whole card visual is just broken. It doesn't filter correctly either. If you filter on something with no data in the visual picks up whatever was last selected. I have a set of categories that ignore the month value (so it doesn't filter my categories out) - if I select a category I know has no data in for that month the visual doesn't show 0 or anything, it just retains the same data from the previous selection.


I do not have a sample to test, but this can be replicated with any data set. The issues with the card visual happen when shadow and/or glow are applied, there's functional issues with filtering, whatever happened in the December update needs rolling back.