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Cannot remove Gateway Cluster in PowerBi Service when the gateways are inaccessible


I ran up a few on-premises gateways to test the new clustering functionality. While testing I reconfigured these gateways a few times which resulted in the creation of 2 gateway clusters being listed in the PowerBI Service. Once I was happy with the options I explored, I joined the servers to a single gateway cluster. When I attempted to click on the ellipsis and select "Remove" to delete the unwanted gateway cluster that now had no gateways configured.


I received the following error:


We could not remove this gateway because it is the primary gateway within a cluster that has other 
gateway instances. Please remove other gateway instances from this cluster before removing the
primary gateway.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Request ID: fcb39f98-2bbb-8de6-a6a6-32f8637cff6a Correlation ID: 45443bdb-551f-51ed-c621-71ca973a24fe Status code: 400 ecsCorrelationId: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Time: Thu Jan 04 2018 13:00:33 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) Version: 13.0.3495.303 Cluster URI:

Followed by :

Not all gateway instance within this cluster are connected. Please find more details below about
specific errors for each gateway instance.Hide details Activity ID: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Request ID: 0f7bc62c-d442-8368-a95f-23d736052f3b Cluster URI: Status code:   Time: Thu Jan 04 2018 12:31:20 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) Version: 13.0.3495.303 Test Gateway Node 2:
Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://
3a25589f-aeef-49ab-b481-0b237f407d96/</ii>' is unreachable. Test Environment:
Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://
0755b3d2-c4de-40b7-a189-88dccefad1a4/</ii>' is unreachable.

I expect there are a few scenarios where you would need to remove existing gateway clusters when the servers are no longer configured or available.

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Microsoft Employee

Hi @UGL_Rian,


I have reproduced this issue. I will update here later.


Best Regards,


Regular Visitor

 I am having the same issues. Can someone from the power bi team respond to how we can remove the gateway cluster.

Regular Visitor

I am having the same issue. In addition if I move a gateway to another cluster it breaks the first cluster and does not let me remove the cluster and I get the above error. I am not seeing an easy way to remove a server from a cluster. It also seems I have to uninstall the gateway service and reinstall it to move an instance or recover the instance. It seems like I should be able to modify an instance by running the UI or modifying the installation. It does let me modify and installation but only get to a screen that says something unexpected happened.



I was able to unintall the gateway from my primary server and after reinstall was able to create a new instance with a new name. The second instance in the cluster was moved to another cluster. I have been able to re-purpose the servers this way but the PBI site still shows the original cluster and will not let me delete it with the same message as the original post. I do not mind but but the PBI service will start to get cluttered with old broken instances. 😞

Microsoft Employee

Hi All,


I got the method to remove the clusters of Data Gateway from an expert. Please refer to service-gateway-high-availability-clusters#powershell-support-for-gateway-clusters.




Best Regards,


New Member

Thanks Dale.

I was able to remove the unwanted cluster entry using the above powershell script.


Not applicable

Hi Dale,


i was able to follow the step-by-step until i'm stuck at the last part "gatewayObjectID:"

i notice you use other ID, may i knwow which one i should input?





Microsoft Employee

I also want to know which object ID you're using. Cause follow steps above, I can only deleted Gateway cluster, means all gateway are gone, while I only want to delete specific gateway under the gateway.