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Cannot refresh Power BI Desktop file because of failure in reading Dataflow column names



I have Power BI File where one of the sources is Dataflow. The File was created some months ago and didn't have any problems in refreshing neither in Service nor in Desktop. Now last week I tried to update the Report on Desktop and the refresh failed because one of the columns was not found: "The 'XX (yy)' column does not exist in the rowset.". This column comes from Dataflow on Service and there were no changes done on it recently. 


If I examine the Dataflow Table in Service I can find the relevant column. BUT when I try to import that Dataflow Table to Power BI Desktop and I am looking at preview I see that the relevant column name is shortened. So instead of column name 'XX (yy)' I see only 'XX'. The same is with other columns which include brackets in their names. 


There are no problems in refreshing Dataset in Service.


I understand that possible solutions could be rebuilding the Dataflow (and also the Dataset and reports depending on it) and removing the brackets from the column names or doing changes in Desktop and refreshing when it is uploaded to Service. But I think that it is a bug which should be fixed and it was not existing a few months ago.


Power BI Desktop Version: 2.79.5768.663 64-bit (März 2020)


Thanks and best regards!

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Community Support

Hi @I_B


My test result is a little different from yours. Based on my test, if the dataflow entity column names are changed, when we refresh the report in Power BI desktop, the column names display with new name as expected, but for visual which reference these columns, we need to fix them manually. 




Please update your Power BI desktop to this latest version 2.79.5768.1082 then test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Regular Visitor

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft ,


thanks for the answer. My problem is that I didn't change anything in the DataFlow and before the refresh was working. I also cannot make a new connection to this Table in DataFlow anymore. In preview of the DataFlow (when checking from Power BI Desktop) the column names are without brackets, in PowerQuery the loaded preview shows column names with brackets and when the load to the model starts it stops with the similar error that I described before: "Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'The 'XX (yy)' column does not exist in the rowset. '." 


After your hint I reinstalled March version of Power BI and now it is 2.79.5768.1082 64-bit (März 2020). This didn't solve the problem.


Best Regards!

Regular Visitor


I need to correct myself - the problem was not because of the brackets, but because of line break in the column name (which happened to be just before the opening bracket). I assume line breaks are not allowed anymore, because I am not able to create a new dataflow with same conditions... 


Best regards!