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Cannot Select A-->Z Sorting in Chart Visualizations (May 2018 Update)

The A-->Z sorting option is not working in Chart Visualizations in the May 2018 update.  Despite multiple attempts, the sort feature seems locked to Z--->A only.  


This is highly disruptive as all charts are now defaulting to Z--->A sorting and cannot be set to A--->Z.



Status: Needs Info
Resolver III

I'm pretty sure this was changed. I've been struggling with the same issue for a couple of weeks now, having learned that clicking on a field to sort will reverse the sort order when the order is already on that field.

Happy to know a solution now, but agree with @swise001 that this doesn't improve usability.

Advocate I

Hello everyone, I might have found a quick fix, not easy but working so far and I confirm it is a bug in the destop application. You need to clck really fast 3 times on Z -> A and then it is sorting your axis from A - > Z  but you need to be really fast !


Enjoy !

Frequent Visitor

It would be great if when you hovered over the A/Z, Z/A icon it would change color like when you are in Power BI Query and wanting to change the Data Type on a column.  There, when you hover over the data type icon in the column header, it changes colors to a darker grey so you know it is a clickable field and not part of the text.


I have experienced problems too, but what i discovered is that there is a difference if you click the text and the z->a icon. First click on the text to choose the sort column. 5en click exactly on the z->a icon. You must click the icon to toggle. 

Advocate I

What MattAllington says seems to fix the problem - but can this be fixed, seems too sensitive to not be able to click the words and it didn't seem to be that sensitive in previous versions.

Helper I

I'm having a similar issue. I want to order the columns alpha-numerically by the name of the x-axis variable. It re-orders the columns correctly, but it doesn't "stick." If I click away to another page, when I come back it has re-ordered by value. None of the work-arounds here have resolved. Any one have any other ideas?