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Can't upgrade Classical workspace to new workspace experience.



When I try to "Upgrade now" option of Advanced setting of "Edit workspace" pane, I get this error (see below Error message). Could you please help me with it - UnknownError is very vague, should I try to change some Tanent setting?


Thank you.



Error message:

Workspace upgrade failed
Please check the technical details for more information. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Underlying Error: UnknownError
Activity ID: 2eb91451-6df8-4745-b300-8f20d5df2424
Correlation ID: 4184fa49-b79b-039a-ebcd-1e33c39fa81b
Request ID: de584092-ac48-e11e-a26d-e1d15b105f50
Time: Thu Jun 25 2020 14:18:51 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
Service version: 13.0.13599.209
Client version: 2006.2.01600-train
Cluster URI:

Status: New
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@sgrellner50 that solution worked for me! Thank you for posting it, and I hope you all are able to find your solution.

Frequent Visitor

@sgrellner50  That solution worked for me as well. Who would have thought!

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I stand correct, this did work for me now. 

Advocate II

Same behavior in my tenant in North Central US

New Member

Thanks @sgrellner50, it works for me.


New Member

Just got an update from Microsoft that this is indeed a bug.  No ETA on the fix yet, but I will post it once I know more.

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The ETA for the fix is 7/20.


just i got info from Microsoft Support engineer for  my support ticket response


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July 20th??? 

::escalates immediately to Microsoft::