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Button with drill-through action disabled with cross-filtering

I'm trying to use the new button drill-through action with cross-filtering (not cross-report, just adding a second selected attribute with ctrl-click). 


  • I have two bar charts representing two columns from the same simple table and a countrows measure
  • I have another page with the two attributes in the drill-through field well of that page
  • I add a button to the first page with a drill-through action pointing to the second page


If I select a single attribute from either bar chart, the button activates and the drill-through to the other page works.  As soon as I select an attribute from each of the charts with ctrl-click, the button deactivates.  Right-click drill-through still works and honors the pair of selected attributes.

I found a youtube video showing this working as expected:


I have test tsted this with the May-20 release dropped on 9-Jun-20 and now with the June release dropped 10-Jun-20 and it fails.


I presume this is a bug, but someone please correct me if it is working for you and I am doing something wrong.




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This seems to be caused by ambiguous filter context. Just add one drill-through field and set Keep all filters to On.

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@v-chuncz-msft- this makes no sense to me.  What could be ambiguous - this is a one-table model with filters set for two of the columns.  Right-click drill trhough is not confused.  I need the filters to work independantly or in combination and I can't have the user guessing which filters work to activate the button and which don't.


I can provide a sample file if you want it, but the design couldn't be simpler.  Please let me know if my description is inadequate.



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Hi @Anonymous 

I am facing the same issue here, button for drill-through is disabled when cross-filtering on visuals, althougt with right-click then drillthrough it's working 😐

Seems like a bug even thought the msft guys don't seem to understand the issue correctly. Have you found some workaround for this? Using button for drillthrough is far more intuitive (I add also conditional formatting so the button gets filled with a color and detail so it's much better). Unfortunately this works only for one visual and not cross-filtering...

Any thoughts?



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@charrington- No, I found no other workarounds. 


To my surprise, my users have caught on to right-click drillthrough much more than I expected they would.  Having the pbi add the "right-click to drillthrough" message in the default hover text has actually helped a lot.



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@Anonymous Great thanks for your answer!