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Build permission stopped working; cannot publish to workspace anymore

We have users who use Power BI Desktop with a live, "Power BI datasets" connection to DatasetX. And this DatasetX lives in WorkspaceX. These users are not members of WorkspaceX; but they have "Read, reshare, build" permissions on DatasetX. So they can create reports with the live connection, then publish those reports to a different workspace (one where they are members).


That is, until the last 1-2 days! This scenario just stopped working for us!


The users can still use Power BI Desktop with a live connection to that dataset. This still works like always. The issue is: they are no longer able to publish the .pbix reports to a different workspace. If they try to publish from Power BI Desktop, it says:

Couldn't publish to Power BI
An error occurred while attempting to publish '[ReportZ.pbix]':
The remote server returned and error: (400) Bad Request.


If they try to upload the .pbix file in the (other) workspace, by going to +New > Upload a file > Local File, it says:

Can't publish Power BI Desktop file
Looks like that we're unable to access the dataset. Please contact the owner of the dataset. 


But if I add the user to WorkspaceX, where DatasetX resides, then they are able to publish their .pbix "report files" with the live connnection to a different workspace.


Please help! Seems like a significant bug. I believe these users should be able to publish these reports to other workspaces, without needing to be members of WorkspaceX. It always worked, before. Thank you.

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Advocate I

Same issue here!

Not applicable

Same issue on my side. unfortunatly i didn't find aby solution to it....

Advocate V

this is an urgent issue. I was able to work around it though by granting contribute role to the affected users. I really don't want to do that though.


Also, I haven't fully tested it, but it seems like if you give in affected user the contribute role in the workspace, and then take it away, it might fix it.

Regular Visitor

microsoft product team is working on this issue on high priority.


Temporary fix is to ensure user has access to the source dataset workspace as a member 

Community Support



You may keep an eye on the Awareness.

Power BI customers using a Power BI dataset with only build and read permissions as a datasource may have issues publishing the report to a different workspace in the service. Engineers have identified the root cause and a fix is expected to be deployed by end-of-day 01/19/2021

Resolver I

Same here.

Advocate IV

Hello, is this fixed for everyone? I see it is no longer listed under awareness, but I have users still experiencing this issue. 

Regular Visitor

I think the issue is fixed for everyone...It works for us

Continued Contributor

Yes, it is fixed in our tenant.