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Bug with measure that filters on a boolean and when storage mode is set to Dual

Creating a DAX measure that filters on a Boolean field always evaluates to BLANK() when:


  1. Using Dual storage mode and
  2. Filtering for FALSE() values of the Boolean field

If either of the above is not true, then the measure evaluates correctly.  Here are steps to re-create:


  1. Create a table and populate on a SQL database using the script below
  2. Add table to a .PBIX file in Power BI Desktop (use Direct Query)
  3. Create the following DAX measure in the table: Count on Weekdays = CALCULATE(COUNT([id]), FILTER('boolean_test', [is_weekend] = FALSE()))
  4. Create a card visual for that measure.  Result should be 1
  5. Go to model tab and change storage mode to dual.  Result will be BLANK()
  6. Changing the storage mode back to Direct Query (or Import) fixes it


create table boolean_test
id int identity,
is_weekend bit

insert into boolean_test values(1)
insert into boolean_test values(1)
insert into boolean_test values(0)


Status: New
Community Support



The issue is reported internally : CRI 196344803.

Community Support



We’ve identified the issue. As the fix involves lots of evaluation, coding and testing, there is no ETA at this time.