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Bug in Google BigQuery connector : column not parsed correctly

I observed an unexpected behaviour of the Google BigQuery connector :
When returning a table that contains a column with the same column name as the table itself, the column will contain the unparsed values of the entire row; instead of the actual column value.
Example attached, comparing the column "LOC" of the table also named "LOC" seen in BigQuery; versus seen in PowerQuery:


Status: New
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,

Could not reproduce it as far as my test. Potential reason for this issue could be that the column name and the table name are the same so power query load the whole table fields in the same column name.

Try to modify the table schema manually to change the column name in Google BigQuery, please refer:

Manually changing table schemas 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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Hi @v-yingjl ,
Thanks for the reply. I can confirm that the problem disappears once the column is renamed to be different from the table name. But it seems like a workaround... In my instance, I have access to BigQuery's schema; but hat may not be the case for other users

Helper V

Hi Guillaume

Very happy to see your message, because on my company we find ourselves a little alone facing the problems of the native big query connector

Microsoft and Simba (the subcontractor) do not seem in a hurry to correct them

For a year we have been facing 4/5 problems


- Desktop: Power query does not recognize columns whose name is similar to that of the SQL table

Gavity 2/5 - Power query issue     YOUR ISSUE 


- Desktop: issue (a crash popup)  after close and applying when you left merge table 2 on nullable mode  column

<--- root cause: sending SQL folding to BQ (SQL92 format) is not recognized by GCP

(limitation on BQ side)  : Severity 2/5


- Desktop and service: Some rows disappear on tables after models refreshes without warning pop-up or dataset refresh history log

  : Severity  5/5   -  issue Looks sounds  like  "bits"  limit 


- Desktop: Power query doesn' t unnest record type fields like the console does

Gravity 2/5 - Unnest via a BQ view


Dont t hesitate to contact me in order to create a group of demands ;>)   -->