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Bug The legend colors do not match what is in the Desktop - all legend items match the line color

For any existing "Line and Stacked column chart" or "Line and Clustered column chart", the legend colors do not match what is in the PBI Desktop.  In fact, every legend item matches the color of the Marker color under Shapes.  It was working as of yesterday 7/8/2020.  Here is the Desktop visual



Here is the same visual in the PBI Service




If I change the Marker color under Shapes, the legend colors change to its color




If I recreate the visual from scratch, it all works fine.  I am going to recreate every visual (there are many) but I thought you might want to know about this.  Cheers


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The same issue with one of our big client, was working fine before and today customer reported it. The same issue as Igor reported. Microsoft, please provide a quick solution for that, it is becoming quite annoying to explain to customer such things. Also multidimensional model. In my case Line chart that uses 5 lines, shows only one line in PBI Service, though shows correcty in PBI Desktop

Super User

I am getting the same error on multiple reports too. This was working perfectly fine yesterday.

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Microsoft called me yesterday and I helped them reproduce the issue. They told me they would look into it and hadn't heard back. In our workspaces it has just been fixed though, so seems like they were able to do a quick fix!

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Everything is working for me now, thank you.

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the problem is solved for us as well.

Advocate I

Yes, it works now. Thank you all!

Regular Visitor

The described problem just now started to happen for my reports as well.

This however only seems to be the case for column charts, while everything else is displayed just fine.

Regular Visitor

The same issue in the Netherlands. Hope they will fix it soon!

Frequent Visitor

We're seeing this on a stacked bar chart with a trend.  In PowerBi Desktop its fine but when added to the online version the legend colors randomly change to purple which isn't even in the chart as a color.

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I'm having the same issue, also in a line and column chart. This started this week. It appears correctly on PBI Desktop, but in the published report, the legend colour becomes blue.