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Bug: PowerBI Service error messages persist even when moving to another report

To replicate:

  1. Open a report with some sort of data source issue that yields an error message: "This report couldn't access the data source. Contact AUTHOR to have the issue fixed."
  2. Go back to your workspace and open a different report
  3. Notice that the error message appears again
  4. Dismiss the message by clicking on the X and return to your workspace.
  5. Open the same report from step 2. Notice that the error message does not appear.
Status: New
Community Support

@Anonymous ,


Please check:


1. If the data source has been modified.

2. If the data source own has disable your permission.

3. If credentials have been set correctly.

4. If the gateway has been installed and configured correctly and is updated to the latest version.



Jimmy Tao



Not applicable

Hi @v-yuta-msft ,


Thanks for the reply. The issue here is not about the data source problem, but that the message about the data source problem continues to appear on unrelated reports.