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Bubbles missing from map

I have a PBI map that displays approximately 53,000 bubbles total.  Of those 53,000, there should be approximately 4,000 bubbles in the Greater Cincinnati area (which includes Northern KY and Eastern IN).  The remaining bubbles are in NC, SC and FL.  In the last couple of days, the bubbles in Cincinnati have stopped displaying when showing all geographic areas.


If I filter by state to only show OH/KY/IN (or any subset of the 3 states), my bubbles return.  Adding all states causes the Cincinnati area bubbles to disappear again.


This worked perfectly until a Wednesday or Thursday.  I did not publish any changes, and the report has not refreshed since Monday morning, at which point this was working as expected.


This is affecting the desktop and service.

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Community Support

Hi @BrandonP ,

Please consider these limitations about data points in power bi visuals:

Apply data-point limits and strategies by visual type 


  • Max points: 3,500

Depending on the configuration, a map can have:

  • Location: Top 3,500
  • Location, Size: Top 3,500
  • Location, Latitude, and Longitude aggregates (+/-Size): Top 3,500
  • Latitude, Longitude: see High density scatter
  • Latitude, Longitude, Size: Top 3,500
  • Legend, Latitude, Longitude: see High density scatter
  • Legend, Latitude, Longitude, Size: Top 233 legends, Top 15 latitude and longitude (could use statistics or dynamic limits)
  • Location, Legend, Latitude, and Longitude as aggregates (+/-Size): Top 233 locations, Top 15 legends (could use statistics or dynamic limits)


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Regular Visitor

Hi @v-yingjl,

Is there an explanation as to why this worked up until a week ago?  


If we zoom into the Cincinnati area, no bubbles display.  The only way to make them display is by selecting from the filters.  It seems that something has changed with how bubbles display on the map.  Were there any changes made to this?


Thanks for your help.