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Bookmark Navigator not showing in Published Apps

The recent feature "Bookmark Navigator" is not working properly when I publish my report into an app. I can't really understand what is happening because when I open my report in the PowerBI Service, it works fine, but when I publish it into the App it somehow disappears.


- Print in PowerBI Service: I can see, click it, works well.

Captura de tela 2021-11-24 114015.png

- Print in Published App: the Visual header still showing, but the Buttons itself somehow invisible and unusable.

Captura de tela 2021-11-24 113834.png

Did someone have the same issue? I tested it opening the report separetely in another tab and it works fine, only in the App that I can't see the new feature Bookmark Navigator.

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There is an exsiting ICM.

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@rebeccaETE  nice.  thank you.


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Hello, @PBICommunity 


Should this issue be fixed now or some other related issue? At least for us the issue that has been described in this post is not yet fixed.


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Just had the same issue in my organization. Clearing the browser cash made the navigator appear, but this isn't a workable solution as most of my end-user won't be able to do this by themselves

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I have opened a new support ticket with Microsoft on this, and I just had my first call with them to collect traces of the issue. Turns out, it works for me when I refresh the page once in the app. But if I move away from the app and return, it's gone again until I refresh the page. Just wondering if you're also seeing this or if clearing caches is the only thing that works for you, @Sinology ? 

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I have just tested this for my report and indeed, refreshing the page (using Edge, refreshing with F5), without specifically clearing my cache, does indeed restore the intended functionality of the navigational pane.


What's more, it also restores the functionality of different navigational panes in the same report. I'm also using a page navigator with hidden pages though, that might be relevant? That is to say, all the navigator panes I'm using are on hidden pages.


Moving away to a different report in the same app and returning to this report still provides me with a working navigator pane. However, moving away outside of the app, does kill the functionality until refreshing again.


Thank you for your efforts,




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I experience the same. When refreshing the page it works, but leave and come back and it doesnt appear

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@rebeccaETE just checked it. For me it's the same. Just a regular refresh (F5) makes the bookmark navigator work, but after closing the window and opening the app again in another window and it's gone again.


Switching reports within the same app doesn't kill it. Keeping the same browser window open, but switching to another PowerBI app and after that opening the initial app again and it's gone again.


Based on a personal testing scenario, I've determined that for an app that includes multiple reports, a bookmark navigator will show buttons from the first report in your app nav list menu. Refreshing the report page works initially as others have mentioned for a report that is not first in the list, but the issue returns repeatedly if leaving and reopening the report in the app. Moving the report to first in the list could be a workaround if you're only using bookmark navigator for a single report in the list. Publishing an app with multiple reports that rely on bookmark navigator buttons, and the workaround breaks down.

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I've just discovered this on an ap I've just published, the browser refresh seems to work for me (Edge), so I have put a use note in the app so that users are aware. Is there any update on whether this is fixed yet in the lastest update?


Thanks 😊

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Not fixed yet. The Microsoft Support Team is still working on solving it. I will give an update in here, when I hear back from them (I have a support ticket with them).