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Bookmark Navigator Bug

I have the following use case:
I have 3 bookmarks which is used for page 1, Bookmark 1.1 is used in Bookmark Navigator.
When I clicked to Bookmark 2, then clicked back to Bookmark 1.1, after that clicked Bookmark 1.2, the weird thing happens here, although my last selected bookmark is Bookmark 1.1, but the Bookmark Navigator showed me that the selected bookmark is Bookmark 1.2. 


I find Bookmark Navigator really helped me alot but this problem really dragged me away from using Bookmark Navigator after encountered it. Please help me out to solve this ASAP and thanks a lot. Bookmark Navigator Bug submit - Power BI Desktop 2021-11-18 21-25-40.gif

Status: Delivered

Currently Decemeber version of Power BI Desktop has been released and this issue seems to be fixed as far as my test. Please update Power BI Desktop to December version to check it.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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@taniav1977 Current version has plenty of bugs, we shall wait for the next release to fix them. 

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Thanks a million!

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@Anonymous - thanks for posting. 

I was using this feature for the first time, and I was surprised the previously Selected navigator button was not switching back to the Default or Unselected state.  This got me thinking though why does the Navigator Bookmark feature need "On Press" and "Selected".  Are these the same?  


Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted


A fix forthcoming in December Desktop and the ETA is 2021/12/13.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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@v-yingjl  Thanks a lot Li, looking forward to it!

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Similar issues here, waiting for december update!!

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This bug is not fixed even after Dec update. I still need to hover over the buttons to make previous selections go away. Very annoying. How can Devs create such beautiful bugs which renders the feature unsable? 

Well done MS!

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@myvbu1 Dec update is not yet released. Based on @v-yingjl description, the next release will be on 2021/12/13 (ETA). Take Note.

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Has the december fix been released yet for this issue? Where does confirmation of the fix get announced?




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