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BigQuery connector not working when connected to non bigquery-public-data



It's great to see the heavily desired connector to BigQuery finally come to Power BI (even though just in Beta), however there's a problem (bug) with it. When connecting to any of our own datasets, the connection string defaults to bigquery-public-data (appears to be hardcoded) instead of the selected datasets.


For example, I want to connect to a Google Analytics data which we have stored in BQ and this data is in a project called api-project-123456789 and dataset 132699196. In this case the conector should try to connect to dataset api-project-123456789:132699196, but instead it tries to connect to bigquery-public-data:132699196, which of course doesn't exist.


Can you please raise this as a bug and resolve it as soon as possible, because I'd really like us to be able to start using the native bigQuery connector with DQ instead of the Simba ODBC connector.


Many thanks,


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I get the below error when trying to use the connector - any ideas gratefully recieved!



DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][BigQuery] (20) Query execution failed:

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Has anyone tried non public data sets either Import or DQ with the October version of PBI Desktop?


I haven't been able to get it to work Man Sad

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is there any news regarding this behaviour on BigQuery connector?

If I try to create a connection, the connector tries to connect to a starry-braid-156516 project that I don't even know what kind of project is.... And of course I have no permission on that project.



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@leobiagiois your issue resolved ? I don't have that issue (using January 2018) but reported issues that require troubleshooting, namely looking at what is sent to Google.


@v-haibl-msftcan you publish exact instructions on how to capture any https traffic from PBI ? This would help for any connector over http(s). There is more than just enabling HTTPS capturing in Fiddler apparently as nothing shows up from powerbidesktop when I start the trace and connect to bgq.

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I am having this same problem with the current (August 2018) release. BigQuery connector is out of beta now, but I can't connect to a data source in my project because I get a permission error for a different project within my organization.

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Is the project you are getting a permission error on the first project listed (when browsing) ?


If so, this is "intended" as PBI picks the first available project as the default. From my interaction with the product team on this (had a support ticket), it was supposed to be fixed by adding a configuration option to select the billing project. This was in January.


In the meantime, you can edit the query/M code and set the connection as such:

Source = GoogleBigQuery.Database([BillingProject="Billing-Project-Id"])


or, you can use the Simba ODBC driver (from Google website) as it allows you set the billing project.

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The permission error was for the first project in the list. I was able to resolve it by making the change in the connection M code that you suggested, thanks! It would be nice to see that configuration option made clear in when adding the data source using the MS connector, but at least I can connect now.