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Authentication failing after approx 30 minutes of inactivity

We are using PowerBI Desktop for connecting to Azure SQL analysis services data model with Direct query.

All users are facing an Authentication failed error after approx 30 minutes of inactivity in the Power BI desktop.

They have to restart the PowerBI desktop after they see this error.

Refresh does not resolve this problem.

We are using up to date version of the PowerBI desktop.

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This seems to be controlled by server side. You may try to clear permissions in data source settings.

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Hello, I'm facing the same problem. Did you manage to solve it out?



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My PBI team and I are also facing the same issue - error message below.




Instead of restarting PBI Desktop, we found this quicker way to reconnect:-








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Thanks @leoPBI for the solution!!

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That's very kind, but it's more of a workaround - my suggestion just makes reconnecting faster. This is error is still there I'm afraid.

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I have the same issue working on PBI Desktop.

I found also this workaround but it makes me craszy to have to redo it 8 times per day...

Any solution?



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Bumping this back to the top.


Yah the Data Source Setting re-connect process works, but it's totally annoying to have to do all the time.


Does anybody know what server setting eliminates this issue?

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My teams' PBIX have stopped erroring with that "Authentication failed" message for a week or so ‌‌😁

I wonder if it's been fixed by the Feb PBI Desktop Update. The error stopping seems to have coincided with some visuals not loading / displaying in PBIX until refreshed (but the visuals display OK when published to

An database colleague told me that flushing the Windows' DNS cache *may* help if you're (still) getting authentication issues (but really this is meant for when failure/nothing happens when trying to authenticate via a login popup) :-

In Command Prompt
ipconfig /flushdns



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Hi All,

We're still having this issue even with the latest PBI Desktop. Similar like OP, but we're using Live connection to Azure Analysis Services instead of Direct Query. And even worse, it can happen in less than 30 minutes.

Our workaround is exactly like @leoPBI mentioned with data source reconnect.
Requesting solution from Microsoft about this. We've been using this setup for around 3 years now, and this issue happened around this year only.

@leoPBI the flush DNS you mentioned, it is for the client computer who's running PBI Desktop?

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@Anonymous yes, that's correct: flush DNS on the local computer running PBI Desktop ... although it may not help